The Soul as a Sensing Organ

by John
(Palo Alto, CA, USA)

A new meme for humanity: There are often said to be five senses: vision, hearing, taste, smell and touch. Then, some thought leaders have suggest that the mind is a sixth sense. That we can know reality via mental cognition. Well, now it seems to me we have a SEVENTH SENSORY ORGAN -->> The Soul.

I suggest that our soul, our essence, as Don Fitton once said, might be the highest sensing organ of them all. And the deepest, and certainly, the most sacred. When we still ourselves, and tune into the instant-by-instant unfolding of spacetime, I believe we are using our souls to feel God. To set ourselves under the authority of the All. To know the One. To be One. Some immediate benefits of this might be less impatience, certainly more compassion, and greater mysticism.

What is wonderful, at least for me, is that is not some theorhetical medium, or an abstract idea. It is real, in each moment, as we go through the day. What a gift!!! And to love the method of the Universe by using our souls as a sensing instrument is really beautiful. Even fun! And certainly life-affirming. I wonder how the leaders of our countries would behave is they had realistic experiences of the unfolding, gained by being open and sensing live as it is emerging.

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May 09, 2022
Our Eighth Sense
by: John Burch

When I wrote about the soul being our seventh sensory organ, I limited this to the individual. Now, it seems extendable to the collective.

I will call this our Collective Soul. The eighth sensory organ.

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