The Media

by John
(Palo Alto, CA, USA)

It seems to me that the media should be talking about the underlying causes of war, and the underlying, fundamental reasons why it is obsolete. We are embedded in a single, multi-form, emerging energy event that we call the Universe.

It is infused with meaning, structure, values, purpose, intention and trajectory. The design of this context is totally unfriendly to war. It will only penalize those who participate in this organized form of killing. Nothing good ever comes from it. So maybe, while we are reeling with disgust at the behavior of Russia against the innocent citizens and army of Ukraine, could it not behove us to ask deeper questions?

Why does the institution of war still exist on earth? What good does it ever do? What stops us from building a global community with a culture that works for all life. What is our collective problem?

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