From a systems point of view...

"Putin is not to blame for the war in Ukraine."

Systems cause their own behavior. Blame is irrelevant.

Imagine you are holding a slinky from the top, with your hand underneath. Then you remove your hand which was supporting the device from below. The slinky oscillates.

The question is: What is the cause of the oscillation?

The two most common answers given are:  gravity, and removal of the hand.

The “System as Cause” answer to the question is quite different. It suggests that the slinky caused itself to oscillate!

To better appreciate the merits of this answer, imagine that you performed the exact same experiment with, say, a wine glass. You are holding it upside down, with your hand under the open end of the glass. You remove your hand, but the wine glass doesn't oscillate!

The oscillatory behavior is latent within the structure of the slinky itself.

In the presence of gravity, when an external stimulus (i.e., removing the supporting hand) is applied, the dynamics latent within the structure are “called forth.” It’s not that gravity and removal of the hand are irrelevant. However, as you can see, they don't "cause" the slinky to oscillate.

So what does this have to do with life, our current challenges, our culture, the war in Ukraine and our thinking?

Just this.

It is very easy to "blame" a stimulus. We are doing this right now with regard to President Putin.  Don't get me wrong - his behavior is totally inappropriate. 

As we confront the many challenges facing humanity today - from the climate crisis to the nuclear threat to poverty, pollution and water shortage -- it would be helpful if we were to see that our structure, as individuals and as humanity, is the essential "root cause!"

If this is true, then how can we change our structure? Our thinking? Our values? Our identity? Our relationships. And our culture?

These and other questions are vital to our survival!

Earth Master Plan