********CRITICAL RIGHT NOW*********
"The only reliable resource for security in the world today is relationship. When relationships are healthy, you don't need any military to protect you. When relationships are unhealthy, the largest military in the world won't keep you safe."
~ John Burch

How to Spread Survival Memes for Peace and Consciousness

Many survival memes morphs over time, and their characteristics and origins may not be entirely predictable. Memes may persist in their complete details for long periods of time, or they may be modified and diluted by their owners in order to fit into the mainstream media. Some memes have an evolutionary advantage over others, but the long-term survival of these types of stories depends on the way they are passed down. If you want to survive, you must be willing to be a part of the meme's long-term survival.

The Beatles' famous album cover is a classic example. The Beatles were reportedly once accused of being in a line in front of an audience member, but that image has gone viral for years. During an episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in 2011, Taylor Armstrong sobbed while claiming that the other person was being a bully. However, the picture has been revived by millions of people, and this time, it's a video reenactment.

Another technique for spreading memes is to mimic a popular movie scene. Willy Wonka's smug face and Futurama's Fry squinting in disbelief are common examples. The Joker's dancing on the stairs are also popular images. Combining these two attributes often creates an absurd contrast. This technique has the added benefit of avoiding consuming brain space. However, remember that it is important to make a plan for spreading a meme.

The most popular memes are images that capture a certain event, sentiment, or sensation. Once you have chosen a subject, all you need to do is search Google Images for an image that conveys your intended message. It doesn't matter if the image is an old-fashioned photograph or a recent movie still, as long as it's recognizable to people who read the memes. However, if the picture doesn't convey your intended meaning, it won't be a success.

The state is another deep survival meme. This person sits on a throne in the victim's head and uses words of fear to spread propaganda. The state uses memes, or "meme rules," to create a sense of helplessness and insecurity. The phobocrat is a term used to describe such a person. They want their victim to believe that he or she has no power or freedom.

The more we understand survival memes, the better we can make good decisions for humanity and the planet.