Large Questions

by John
(Palo Alto, CA USA)

LARGE QUESTIONS: I have 8 billion cousins on planet Earth. If I want to survive, they must survive also. One was to view this is that I, we, all of us, need to be asking what I call "large questions" -- such as, "What is the purpose of the cosmos, how must we think and act as a humanity in order to survive, and now, even larger, how can we begin to see EVERYTHING from the perspective of a very, very, very long term time horizon -- such as a minimum of 100 years, and, preferably 1000 years, a full millennium. So, for example, with the climate, NO decisions or evaluations are appropriate which only address the "next 10 years" or "the next 30 years." YIKES!!!!! The climate will be managed if and only if we think in terms of 100s of years, and truthfully, really, 1000s of years. Only then can our decisions make sense. We are at 1.45 degrees Celsius right now. At 2.0, the climate will tip and become dynamic, which means there is NO STOPPING IT! So our margin for error is paper thin. No discussions about how to behave after 2.0 make any sense at all. What this means is that we, collectively, need to become SUPER SERIOUS about this challenge to humanity, and all life on earth.

2=8. If we hit 2 degrees Celsius, or 450 ppm carbon, and the system tips, we're screwed. Because two will go on to 4, then 6 and then 8 degrees above normal and there is no way, no technology, to magic, no nothing on earth that can stop it. Period. So we had better get real serious, night now.
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